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CIN Number in India – All You Need To Know

cin number

CIN is the abbreviation of the term Corporate Identity Number. It functions as an ID for businesses with Indian corporate registrations. All companies incorporated in India under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) are given a CIN number by the Registrar of Companies (ROC). When conducting any transaction, registered businesses must supply their CIN. The ROC also uses the CIN number to monitor the registered companies’ operations.

When a company incorporates, ROC automatically generates a CIN. This number is licensed to all registered Central Government, State Government, Private Limited, non-profit, and Nidhi companies in India. The number is available on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ official website.

Decoding CIN number 

The 21-digit alphanumeric CIN ID includes the names and other vital information of the number-owning corporations. The letters and digits in the CIN have meaning and value.

It is possible to decode the CIN number. Here’s an illustration:


1. Listing Status – (L/U)

The first character indicates a company’s stock market status in India. The CIN will start with the letter “L” if the company is listed; otherwise, it will begin with “U”.

2. Industry Code – 45822

The ROC industry code can be found in the following five numbers. A unique 5-digit code, provided to each activity by MCA, is used to specify the type of business. The MCA has given every industry conducting economic activity in India these codes. Examples include:

  • General higher education in humanities, business, and sciences: 80301
  • Hospitals: 85110
  • Real estate work done for pay or under contract: 70200
  • Development, distribution, and documentation of pre-made (non-custom) software: 72211
  • Production of electric motors, including DC motors and universal AC/DC motors: 31103
  • Travel agency and tour operator activities; tourist assistance activities: 63040
  • Production of all kinds of textile apparel and accessories: 18101
  • Using motor vehicles to transport freight: 60231
  • Retail sales of building supplies: 52341
  • The production of mineral water: 15543
  • Cattle, sheep, goat, horse, ass, mules, and pony husbandry; dairy farming: 01211

3. State Code – DL

The following two letters stand for the state code of the location of the company’s registered office. In other words, the 7th and 8th digits of a firm’s CIN stand for the State in which the company was incorporated.

4. Incorporation Year – 2012

The following four numbers represent the company’s incorporation year. Accordingly, the year of incorporation is indicated by the CIN number’s 9th through 12th positions.

5. Ownership Status of Company – PLC

The company’s categorization or kind is indicated by the following three letters. The following abbreviations may be used in the CIN depending on the type of company:

  • PLC: Public Limited Company
  • ULT: Private Company with Unlimited Liability.
  • ULL: Public Limited Company with infinite Liability
  • SGC: Companies owned by State Government
  • NPL: Not-for-Profit License Company
  • GOI: Government of India-owned companies
  • PTC: Private Limited Company

6. Registration Number – 000656

The last six characters of the CIN are numerical digits for the specific registration number the concerned ROC gave.

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