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DIN Number Under MCA – All You Need To Know

din number

Director Identification Number is referred to as a DIN. A new director-specific registration number may have come to your attention if you serve as a corporate director. A DIN denotes this. 

A person must be in charge of the business, even if it is a separate legal organization. To oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization going forward, directors are chosen by a majority of members.

Every person who wishes to serve as a director in a business must obtain a DIN following the terms of the Companies Act of 2013.

What is the DIN number?

DIN is a unique identification number for directors provided by the Central government. Any person who wants to serve as a director for any firm must obtain a DIN. It has a lifelong validity and is an 8-digit unique identifying number. A DIN is used to maintain a database with all directors’ details.

A person can only obtain a DIN, but they can use that DIN to hold the director position in one or more businesses.

Documents required for din application

To apply for the allocation of a DIN, the chosen partner or promoter must submit the information and papers listed below:

  • Permanent Account Number – PAN
  • Place of birth
  • Aadhar
  • Type of Occupation – Professional / Student / Self-employed / Servicemen / Homemaker
  • Field of work – Specify whether it is government, education, or other areas of occupation.
  • Educational Qualification – select it from the dropdown.
  • Email ID
  • How long do you plan to stay at your current address? If the stay is shorter than a year, what is the address of the last place of residence?
  • Voter identification card, passport, or driver’s license as identity Proof
  • Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, or Mobile Bill for Residential Proof
  • The form of a contribution to LLP
  • The contribution’s monetary value to the LLP
  • The number of LLPs in which they are partners
  • The name of the company in which they serve as a director

PAN is necessary as identification documentation for residents of India. A passport is required as a valid form of identification for those who are residents of foreign countries.

Documents submitted by an Indian applicant must be no more than two months old as of the eForm submission date. One year after the eForm was filed, the address evidence for the overseas applicant shall be, at most, the same.

How to apply for a din number? 

Along with the DIN Number application, scanned documents of identification, address, and photo proofs should be uploaded to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website. The following is the specific DIN application process:

  • From the MCA Portal, download Form-DIR-3, receive DSC, and get scanned copies of all necessary papers.
  • Go to and select the “New User” link from the homepage of the MCA portal.
  • Choose the appropriate user type and position, then enter your contact information.
  • Choose a user ID, and then, depending on the user category and role you’ve chosen, type in a password or choose your digital signature certificate. Your user ID’s minimum and maximum character counts are 8 and 11, respectively. The length of the password can range from 8 to 10 characters, and it must include at least one numeric character, one uppercase character, and one lowercase character from the alphabet. The password should not contain special characters like *, &, $, _, etc.
  • Include an answer to a hint question that will utilize if you forget your password or need to alter it later or update your DSC.
  • To authenticate yourself, enter the randomly generated text displayed on the screen.
  • Click the “Create My Account” button to submit the registration information.
  • The screen will show a confirmation of your successful registration.
  • Your specified email ID will also receive a confirmation email.

Once the login ID has been created, you must log in to the MCA21 portal, select the e-Form upload option under the e- Forms page, upload the form, and then pay the applicable fees using net banking, a credit card or debit card, etc. A DIN number is generated instantly if the application is successful and the data submitted is applicable. 

The applicant must supply any further information that the DIN cell requests. It is processed in 2 to 3 days. The applicants receive a notification after the procedure is complete, along with a letter assigning a DIN.

How is the din number allotted?

The central government and its delegated authority process and authentication of the Form DIR-3. The rules outlined in Section 154 of the Companies Act of 2013 and Rule 10 of the Companies Rules of 2014 are among the items they consider.

Importance of din number 

  • A DIN number must legally identify a director of a firm.
  • Using DIN, you can access the Director’s complete database.
  • The company’s signature and the Director (s)’ DIN number must appear on any correspondence it sends to the MCA or ROC, including annual reports, ROC filings, applications, and KYC information about the business.
  • If this is not followed, the ROC may impose penalties and fines, and the Director may also forfeit their DIN number.
  • The Director’s identity is fixed by DIN, which links his history and present involvement with other businesses.
  • Regardless of his company, a director who obtains a DIN number may use it for life. The DIN remains unchanged even if the firm changes.

How to search for a din number?

Information about assigned DIN numbers is accessible through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ online DIN search facility:

  • Finding allottee information from a DIN Number can be done using the Verify DIN or DPIN search tool.
  • Check the DIN approval letter facility to obtain a DIN number from the allottee information.


Following the Companies Act 2013, it should be noted that a person cannot reject his DIN after being appointed as a director in any business. His DIN will continue in effect even if he ceases to serve as a director in that business or any other business.

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