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GUMSTA License Registration

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It is necessary to obtain a Gumasta License to operate a business in Maharashtra. It aids in a trading company’s official state-required registration. This license is issued by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai and is governed by the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act. This certificate enables people and organizations to operate and practice their businesses in Maharashtra. The license is a prerequisite for companies’ loan eligibility and other benefit programs.

What is a gumasta license?

Any business in the State of Maharashtra must register with a Gumasta License. According to the new regulations, if your company has more than ten employees, you must obtain a Gumasta license; however, if you have fewer than 10, you can register for a general Gumasta acknowledgment.

Gumasta License is legal authorization to conduct any trade or business in Maharastra. It is currently authorized by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai and is governed by the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act. Regardless of its organizational setup or range of operations, every business or trade must obtain this license. Any company would need a Gumasta license to open a bank account or get GST registration.

Benefits of gumasta license

  • The Gumasta license supports the legitimacy of your business by serving as prima facie evidence.
  • To receive payments from customers, every business needs a business bank account. Before opening a business bank account, most banks require the Gumasta license as identification.
  • After registering for a Gumasta license, a person will be eligible for all the benefits and tax breaks provided by the Maharashtra State Government under this program.
  • Any business that acquires a Gusmata license can open a current account with any authorized bank.
  • It demonstrates the existence of a legal entity and enables business operations in Maharashtra.
  • Additionally, organizations that hold this license can rejoice in their advancing respectability over time.

Documents required to get a gumasta license

Sole proprietorship, partnership, private company (if applicable)

  • Form of application
  • Photos the size of a passport
  • Identity documents such as an Aadhar card, PAN card, or passport
  • Utility bills, such as water and electricity bills, voter identification cards, passports, and proof of address
  • Partnership contract
  • Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association
  • The partnership’s PAN number
  • Business Corporation Certificate
  • Identity and address proof for partners and company directors
  • A record of the property’s ownership

Documents related to the shop or establishment

  • The establishment’s name
  • Name of employer and, if applicable, manager
  • Evidence of the store’s or establishment’s address
  • Type of business or establishment
  • Image of a storefront with a signboard
  • A picture of the shop’s proprietor

The process to obtain a gumasta license

  • Check out the local urban body’s licensing website.
  • Next, register for a new account on the portal.
  • Log back into the portal after creating your account.
  • Click the “Shops and Establishment Registration” tab to learn more about the “Registration Form A” option. The online website contains the registration form.
  • After that, complete the “Registration Form A” with the necessary information, add the required files, and pay the fee.
  • The necessary fees must be paid, and a challan number must be generated to receive the UTN number.
  • The application and all necessary paperwork must be printed and delivered to the Municipal Corporation’s Shop License Department.
  • An officer will visit the store after the physical verification is complete.
  • The authority will send the applicant’s email address to the registration certificate after the e-form is approved. The Gumasta license shall continue to be downloadable from the portal in one copy.
  • The UTN number can be used to check the status of your application online.

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