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How to Start a Travel Agency (Step By Step Guide)

how to start a travel agency

If you need help with how to start a travel agency from your home, then do check out this article. We have outlined everything for you.

Travelling is a beautiful experience that cannot be described in words. For many people, travelling is more than just a hobby. If you are passionate about travelling, do you know you can turn it into a great profession? As the number of people travelling worldwide is increasing year after year, starting a travel agency is the best career option.

Below is the complete guide on how to start a travel agency from scratch with low investment.

Steps by step guide on how to start a travel agency

1. Find your niche

Before starting a travel agency, you must be aware of your niche. Select which sector of the travel niche you would like to get into. Whether it be beach holidays, arranging spa getaways for travellers, etc. It would be best if you were passionate about the niche you would like to get into, as it lays the foundation of your business. If you are unaware of the inside out of business, it might be difficult for you to run the business in the long run.

2. Research your target market.

Maybe your customer’s dream vacation is to spend time in tents near wild rivers or rent a bicycle and travel from one place to another in England. Similarly, it would be best to understand what the ideal trip or vacation for your ideal customer looks like. Know your potential customer’s average income and the demographics of each location where you would like to serve your business.

3. Prepare business plan

A business plan consists of all the details and ideas about your business. It includes your mission and vision of where you would like to see your company in the coming years. You are missing out on the big picture if you still need to document a business plan. It is one of the most important aspect when planning about how to start a travel agency.

4. Choose business name

Many business owners struggle at this step. Visit the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and check if your business name is already registered by someone else. Never try to book a similar business name to the registered businesses. Make sure there are no registered trademarks around your business name.

5. Select business structure

While registering the company, you need to know which business structure your business should be registered under. Many travel agencies prefer registering their company as Pvt Ltd or LLP as it helps them protect their assets.

If you want to start your company with low investment initially you can do with proprietorship or partnership firm. Through these business structures you can reduce the burden of various compliances in start.

6. Register your Travel Agency

Now that you have a business name and business plan and understand your target audience, it is time to register your travel agency. Go ahead and register your company with the government. Follow the rules and regulations of your state government in registering the company.

7. Get the required licence & permits.

A general business licence is required to run the business in any state. Along with that, you need to have a tax identification number and other details to have payroll for your employees. You also need the GST registration for your business if your turnover is greater than 20 lakhs or your customers need GST invoices for their purchases.

8. Market your business

When you have everything set up to run your business, it is time to market your agency. Whenever people start thinking about how to start a travel agency the first doubt in their mind is about marketing of business. Good marketing is essential to get clients to your agency. Try to attend seminars, business meetings, and other places where your potential customers might come together. It is the best place to promote your business. 

If you want to start a B2C travel agency your marketing tactic is different from B2B. You should have to market your business through social media marketing, seo, social media advertising,

If you are looking to start a B2B travel agency your primary marketing strategy is around email marketing. You have to learn the strategy to get the email addresses of travel agents and try to convert them through different email marketing strategies.

9. Build trust with customers.

Now that you have the customers, it is your responsibility to be readily available for them over any platform like call, chat, social media, etc. The faster you respond and solve your customer’s queries, the more trust you will gain from them.

If possible try to use a omni channel customer support tool or software to enhance the customer support of your business. Also by using the appropriate software you will never miss any query from customers submitted through different channels.


We hope this article has provided you with enough insights on how to start a travel agency from scratch. Follow these steps, and set up your profitable travel agency today!

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