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PSARA License Registration

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The demand for personal security has significantly increased due to the rapid increase in businesses or commercial establishments. Therefore, the growing trend of hiring security guards from private business establishments is causing a sharp rise in PSAs (Private Security Agencies) nationwide. Before starting a private security company in India, one must have a PSARA license.

All operations relating to the private security agency business in India are governed by the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005. No person or private security company is permitted to operate a business that offers security services to other personal business establishments, individuals, or property under the terms of this Act. As a result, the government acts as a conduit for granting licenses to such agencies and ensuring that they adhere to the Act’s rules.

Eligibility to get a Psara license

Several requirements outlined in the PSARA must be met to qualify for the license, which is not given to any private security company. The requirements for requesting an Indian PSARA license are as follows:

Eligibility Criteria for the Companies:

The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act of 2005 states that to be registered under PSARA, any entity or business must register as one of the business structures listed below:

Before the appointment of a director or principal officer, the following requirements must be satisfied:

One must meet the requirements listed below to be set as the director or principal officer of a private security agency:

  • A citizen of India is required to apply officially 
  • They must be in good financial standing (needed to submit a copy of the ITR as proof).
  • The person in question must not have a criminal record and must have a spotless history.

The requirements to become a security guard

For appointment as a Security Guard in a Private Security Agency, the listed requirements must be met:

  • An Indian citizen is required for the position.
  • The concerned person’s age range should be between 18 and 65.
  • The individual must have received the proper training.
  • Under no circumstances may the individual’s employment with the government have been terminated or removed.
  • The subject individual must meet all physical requirements.
  • The individual must reassure the agency of his moral character.

Documents required for Psara license

Even though the documents differ from state to state, there are some that you must attach with your application to get a PSARA License. The following are the documents you would need to submit:

  • The directors’ and employees’ identity documents
  • Address verification for the agency’s location
  • The declaration obtained by the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act
  • Agency branding
  • The promoters’ PAN cards
  • The promoters are shown in two pictures.
  • Service tax department information on registration details
  • Certificate issued according to the Shops and Establishments Act.
  • Registering with ESI
  • Provident fund registration, or PF
  • The security training affidavit
  • Armed license
  • Employee character certificate
  • A copy of each director’s ITR or income tax return.
  • Certificate of Company Incorporation
  • Signed an agreement with the training facility known as an MOA.
  • Information about the security guard

Procedure to Get Psara license

Arrange all the Documents – The most crucial step in obtaining a PSARA License is gathering all the necessary paperwork. A smooth process depends on having the proper documentation, and the list of documents needed varies depending on the applicant type.

MOU with Training Institute – The applicant will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with a reputable training facility to train its guards and supervisors. For this purpose, numerous security training institutions are recognized by every state.

Application Filing – Before the appropriate state’s controlling authority has jurisdiction, the application for a PSARA license grant is submitted. There is no provision for a single central license to cover all states, so a separate application must be submitted for each state. The applicant must submit the Form-I application to the appropriate state authority. Affidavit in Form-III must be submitted with Form-I, and this form must be attested with Form-II.

Police Verification –The candidate must submit Form I to request a police verification. The proposed Directors must always submit to police verification if the agency is a company or partnership.

Issue of PSARA License –The Controlling Authority issues the PSARA License following a successful review of the application materials and applicant background information. The Controlling Authority may demand that the applicant sits for a personal interview.

The applicant is required to name supervisors to comply with the PSARA 2005’s requirements. When it comes to the work of the security guards, the supervisors are in charge of monitoring and guiding agency operations. For appointments as supervisors, candidates must have at least three years of military or naval work experience.

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